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ASM MANAGEMENT We manage the careers of athletes from the moment of their talent identification in order to jointly achieve the maximum outcome of the athlete’s limited professional life.
ASM agents provide sport management as well as legal and financial management consulting which also contains the search of sponsorships for athletes. Further the ASM management services provide athlete’s presentations, organisation of events and a full PR service which is basically a media coverage in social networks and through media services.
We, as ASM, understand ourselves as the “one stop shop” for athletes, providing the necessary special capabilities to support and monetise the abilities of these athletes.

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Cristina Vizcaino

  • Birth:01/03/1987. Madrid. Spain
  • City:Madrid. Spain

Andy Soucek

  • Birth:14/06/1985. Madrid. Spain
  • City:Madrid. Spain
  • Competing since:1997

Whenever we mention the name of ANDY SOUCEK, we directly relate to the world of motor racing and asphalt.

Andy from very small began enjoying speed at the wheel of his kart, they were good times because from there began his passion for racing, adrenaline and the chequered flag.

Since Andy was a child he has been competing and winning trophy after trophy and podium after podium.

His achievements are:

Champion Formula 3

World Series By Renualt 4th

World Champion Formula 2

Formula 1 as a pilot test was the more faster with Williams

Good podiums with Virgin Racing as a test pilot.

2 years at Blancpain GT Series with Mclaren and Aston Martin (different podiums)

Currently in Blancpain GT Series with Bentley (various podiums)

To know more about ANDY SOUCEK in the dossier that you find below and follow him by clicking on his website link

View Dossier

Roberto Sierra

  • Birth:08/01/1998. Málaga. Spain
  • City:Málaga. Spain
  • Competing since:January 2001

What can you say about a guy who has had a football at his feet  since the age of three? Roberto is a young talent, who is becoming a good person as well as a great football player. Currently he is playing in the midfield of PUERTO MALAGA in the “DIVISION DE HONOR“ where he is fighting for the victory of his team every minute of each game with his great skills. In this position Roberto can show his big game initiative, overview and tactical intelligence on the field. It is good to know that Roberto from his position is able put his team mates and himself into scene and scoring opportunities, most of the time with great success. This great player knows both to hold and cover the ball as well as retaining the ball possession in small spaces which he always comes out as the winner.
Roberto has reached his level of skills due to the fact that he has been playing since he was very young, he has also perfected his technique during his time at the well-known Italian football club FC SUEDTIROL in Bolzano where Roberto also received advice and skills from some of the greats of football.
After this training he is back in the “DIVISION DE HONOR“ and playing for PUERTO MALAGA again where he supports the team even better with the higher skill level he gained.
Roberto is always looking for new challenges and to play and practice in in new clubs.

Paula Moreno

  • Birth:07/04/2006. Málaga. Spain
  • City:Málaga. Spain
  • Competing since:February 2014

PAULA MORENO: a young but huge athlete.
This is how we can start to describe our very modest Paula who surprisingly is almost undefeated on the court since her beginnings in tennis when she was very little. This due to the support, devotion and training by her father (Mr Mario Moreno) who has been accompanied by Mr BORJA BOLUMAR.
Further she had the chance to take part in training sessions in the United States where she made very good experiences. Due to her good game play she received a scholarship which allowed her to start to train together with the elite in tennis in order to get the best support.
After the stage in the United States Paula gained even more success in 2015 which she finished as number 19 in the nationwide benjamin ranking in Spain which is her age group. Further Paula won the title in the under nine Championship of Andalusia and in the Masters of the Andalusian Tennis Circuit.
In 2016 Paula has continued to win titles. But more important in 2016 was that she became the number 1 in the nationwide benjamin ranking. Her most important results in 2016 have been the first place in the IBP 2016 under 10 tournament in Barcelona, the second place in the IBP 2016 under 10 tournament in Madrid and especially her performance in the international field of the SMRIKVA BOWL 2016 under 10 Championship (singles: round of 16; doubles: quarter-finalist).
If you want to know more about the fabulous PAULA MORENO please use the dossier.

View Dossier

Dario Ruiz Ruiz

  • Birth:30/04/1993. Malaga
  • City:Malaga
  • Competing since:2009

Dario is a Malaga born football player.
Since his early days in football Dario has led all the teams that he played for to many victories . As highlighted in Dario’s dossier; his teams always mention his physical condition as a positive attribute which allows him to receive the ball and immediately hold it or evade the opposition.   He has also a noteworthy touch and a vision for the game, anticipating at any time where it is best to be positioned on the field or where he is needed. Dario is a great team player who from minute 1 in a new team socialises with his team mates and coaches without loosing the focus on training, tactics and winning.
Because of the high amount of scoring chances resulting of his actions Dario has been one of the designated players for free kicks in all teams he has been on.
He is a midfielder with an offensive and defensive orientation and also sometimes as a central figure.
You can see a short summary of his quality in the following video by clicking here.