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ASM MANAGEMENT ist eine Agentur, die in der Organisation von Konzerten, Theaterstücken, Präsentationen, Events und Pressekonferenzen auf internationalem Parkett in den Bereichen Kunst, Sport und generell im kulturellen Bereich spezialisiert ist. Dies gilt für Solokünstler, Gruppen und Vereine
ASM kann hierbei als ausführender Produzent der Projekte auftreten, die Überwachung des Einflusses des Projekts in den Medien vornehmen und/oder Promotionleistungen in den sozialen Netzwerken erbringen
ASM bietet einen personalisierten Service an, der dazu in der Lage ist, auf sämtliche Einflüsse der heutigen schnelllebigen Welt einzugehen.

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Alba Martin

  • Birth:17/04/1985. Madrid
  • City:Spain / Doha

Alba Martín is a Spanish talent who has played a little bit of every artistic field; from TV and theatre actress, model for national and international campaigns, dancer in musicals to voice dubbing in Spanish and American series.

Young, with a childlike face, an English teacher and a future pilot, she has lived abroad for more than 10 years and has trained in every country she has stepped in. She began by shooting her first commercial for Levi’s and tasted happiness as a dancer in the musical „Hoy no me puedo levantar“ (Mecano).

M. Semmelrogge

  • Birth:08/12/1955. Eckwälden / Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • City:Germany

Unmistakable, indestructible ... unique

German actor internationally consecrated with the films The Boat and Schindler’s List.

Unmistakable and indestructible, he is considered one of the most famous and popular german actors outside his country.

Martin Semmelrogge, with a life full of events is not alien to the human being and that makes him one of the most credible German actors. With his unmistakable voice and his mischievous charm, he breathes life into his characters. Who does not remember the assistant “Schlucke” in the cult film Bang Boom Bang or the special fashion researcher Jockel Pietsch in the series “The Streets of Berlin”.

For many years, Semmelrogge has also impressed a large audience with his intense game and authenticity on stage. In the summer of 2017 he was at the Bad Hersfelder Festival in the Hitchcock thriller The 39 stages, a staging by Patrick Schimanski not to be missed.

If you want to know more about him, have a look at his dossier.

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Norma Duval

  • Birth:04/04/1956. Barcelona
  • City:Madrid-Palma de Mallorca

She is an actress from head to toe.

When talking about Norma Duval we are talking about beauty, quality, seriousness and especially her knowledge of a correct and right behaviour in each and every situation. This is a result of Norma’s first steps in the entertainment industry as she became Miss Madrid in her teenage years which was a door-opener for numerous roles in the theatres and motion pictures.

Later Norma, being already a well-known star in the theatre and motion picture industry she became a star in the television programme. Her success made her the host of the annual New Year’s Eve celebration broadcast. It was the year with the highest spectator number.

Once Norma has ended her career on theatre stages and in motion pictures or television productions she started a new career in the world of show productions where she got huge ovations especially in Spain, Mexico and Italy.

At the moment Norma is using her knowledge of the industry and her actual beauty as a grandee lady to promote and bring forward those brands which she represents.

If you want to know more about Norma Duval have a look at her dossier which is linked below.

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Mar Regueras

  • Birth:11/04/1970. Barcelona
  • City:Madrid-Barcelona

Spanish actress plucked up courage

If you want to know more about Mar, see his file below

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Crisaide Mendes

  • Birth:06/09/1973. Río de Janeiro
  • City:Mallorca

Carlos Iglesias

  • Birth:15/07/1955. Madrid. Spain
  • City:Spain-Zurich

Carlos Iglesias is an outstanding director who has gained huge experiences and many friends in the world of cinema during and because of his intense way of life within the art scene. It was his own way of interpreting roles in front of cameras and his immigration to Switzerland in his childhood which led Carlos Iglesias his way to his professional determination of being a director and writer. Beside other activities he is the writer and director of the following three blockbusters which became major icons of the Spanish film culture.


Un franco, 14 pesetas (2006) , is a movie with autobiographical approaches due to its scenes in Switzerland and the reviews to the 1960s when Spanish people immigrated to Switzerland with the intention and urgent need to find a job in order to support their families.

Ispansi (Españoles) (2011)  takes us back to the time of the beginning of the Spanish civil war as many children have been sent away to Russia to protect them from the bombings.

2 francos, 40 pesetas (2014)  gives the viewer the chance to empathise with a son who goes back to Switzerland, a place where in the past his father had immigrated to together with his family, in order to explore new and fascinating cultures. In the end the son feels very much at home in Switzerland and gets to now the true and great Swiss culture.

You can learn more about Carlos Iglesias if you take a look on his website.

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Anastasia Fauteck

  • Birth:15/12/2008. Madrid. Spanien
  • City:Madrid. Spanien

Anastasia ist seit frühester Jugend zuhause im Blitzlichtgewitter des Laufstegs. Sie wurde für viele Aufträge im Kindermode-Sektor gebucht und da sie dort für erhebliches Aufsehen gesorgt hat, hat sie es geschafft für führende Kindermarken gebucht zu werden und sogar auf der PETIT FASHION WEEK MADRID zu laufen. (Unter diesem Link kann ihr Walk gesehen werden)

Aufgrund ihrer deutsch-spanischen Schönheit wurde sie immer erfolgreich gecastet, wenn sie sich vorgestellt hat. Sobald sie vor der Filmkamera steht sind Regisseure und Produzenten von ihrer Disziplin, wie sie die Anweisungen des Scripts und des Regisseurs umsetzt, sowie ihre Art und Schönheit hypnotisiert.

Hier können Sie den Spot von ORANGE sehen, in dem Anastasia mitwirkte und uns mit ihrem Lied ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE fesselte.

Einen weiteren Spot von VODAFONE in dem Anastasia den Produzenten mit ihrem Lächeln fesselte, können Sie hier sehen.

Auch hat Anastasia begonnen einen Kurzfilm zu drehen, der jede Menge Gesprächsstoff auf den großen Filmfestivals (bspw. Cannes Film Festival, Venice International, Locaino Film, Sundance and Palm Spring (USA), verspricht.

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Roberta Fauteck

  • Birth:15/12/2008. Madrid. Spanien
  • City:Madrid. Spanien

Due to her beauty, charisma and good heart, since childhood ROBERTA has been a captive in children’s fashion posing in various ads that you can see in her dossier below.

Since she started to be seen by all the children’s fashion catalogues, quickly, producers from all over Spain, competed to have her under their cameras and spotlights and started to make ads for the big brands like:

Miele (link)

Miele (link)

Sanitas (link)

Segur auto Caixa (link)

Caixa Salud ADESLAS Insurance (link)

Caixa SECURITAS Insurance (link)

LG (link)

La Caixa (link)

In 2017 he shot the short film „Gretel y Gretel“, which promises to be a hit at major festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Venice International, Locaino Film, Sundance and Palm Spring (USA). You can see it in this link

In the year 2018, he finished his second short film called „Hermanas“, which this time was in the hands of the great director and actor Carlos Iglesias, this short film was selected in several festivals and you can see it by clicking here

At the end of 2019, he launched into the feature film, along with Carlos Iglesias and other top actors like Eloisa Vargas, Ana Arias, Jose Mota and Santiago Segura, shot „La Suite Nupcial“, which was a complete success on the day of its premiere in 2020. You can see the trailer by clicking here

In 2020, the film by the great director Dani de la Orden, „Hasta que la BODA nos separe“, was also released, with the presence of our artist Roberta Fauteck together with well-known actors such as Leo Harlem, Antonio Resines, Belen Cuesta, Silvia Alonso or Jordi Sanchez. You can see the trailer here

Also during the beginning of 2020, had the honor and pleasure of participating in the official anthem of the World Climate Summit, which took place in Madrid with the presence of all countries of the world, you can see the video of the full anthem here

You can also listen to the interview they did on the German radio station Das Inselradio by clicking here and on the English radio station Mallorca Sunshine by clicking here

You can also see the interview in charge of the television by clicking here

To know more about Roberta, please consult her dossier.

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Andy Soucek

  • Birth:14/06/1985. Madrid. Spanien
  • City:Madrid. Spanien