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Anastasia And Roberta Fauteck Will Premiere Their Short Film HERMANAs At The Tarazona Festival.

Anastasia and Roberta Fauteck will premiere their short film HERMANAs at the Tarazona Festival.

The short film HERMANAs, written and directed by Carlos Iglesias, will premiere in the Official Section of the Comedy Film Festival of Tarazona and Moncayo, which will be held from August 11th to 18th.

Carlos Iglesias debuts as director of short films with “Hermanas”, which was filmed in Madrid last November. In this 10-minute short film, distributed by Infocortos, stand out Lisi Linder, Eloisa Vargas, Anastasia Fauteck, Roberta Fauteck, Paula Iglesias and Carlos Iglesias himself, who is also the script’s creator with Eloisa Vargas.

Plot: The only and spoiled child of a bourgeois family will not allow the daughter of her Bulgarian assistant, who doesn’t have social security, to impersonate her for medical treatment.

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